Oh Ya I lost again!

Lunch Rush, was tough again! It seems every week it is getting faster an faster. What was amazing we had almost twenty riders yesterday. Of course Dave Perez and Mighty Mouse, Francisco Figueroa led all comers again. John Caron, Jeff McDonald and Spencer were not far behind and still too fast for me to hold on. It was nice to see some new faces too. Fred Sutherland and his buddy Trevor Vaughn, Johnathon Paris and Jeff McDonald were new comers as far as I know. Dave Cleveland is becoming a regular and finding a pace, just enough to stay ahead of Bob Applegate. Watch out Dave, Bob is coming fast. I hung with a SB Wheelmen member Mick for a while along with Fred and Francisco Gonzalez and Johnathon Paris. Mark Abercrombie was sprinting all over the place and would catch a tail whenever he could. I saw Eduardo Potes, but never got a chance to ride with him, it seemed we went the same speed on opposites sides of the road all hour.

So if nothing else I got my legs loosened up a little from the hard day I put in on Tuesday. Maybe tonight I might get talked in to going with Mike Strauchman and Francisco Figueroa to Carson St Crit. I am really asking for it.