Steve Hartt Ride Workshop Ride Report

//Steve Hartt Ride Workshop Ride Report

Steve Hartt Ride Workshop Ride Report

[Note: Yeah, I know that Jack’s picture is sideways, but I kinda like it that way.] As part of the FREE Steve Hartt Ride training workshop, PenCC member Jack Bauer and I were out riding on Saturday. I use our Saturday Intermediate Ride as a part of the workshop training regimen. I had my Strava app installed on my iPhone to track my ride performance  (more on Strava later) and the best gps watch. I’m trying to improve my performance (no shock there, who isn’t?), so I was hoping to keep my Strava numbers up. The start of the ride seemed to go OK, we wind our way past the new San Pedro landslide area, then up Alma St. I felt stronger going up the hill than I recalled feeling before. It may have been all the hills I did during the week prior (Habitat for Humanity Ride + Richard’s Ride up Granvia Altamira). I’m still slow up the hills, but a lot faster than I used to be. We continued on to 25th St up to PV Dr. From there it was up the switchbacks, then to the domes at the top of the hill. I pushed hard, but kept in mind that I was looking not only to improve my hill-climbing times, but improve my overall time for the full ride (we’ve been using the same course for the last 6-8 Saturdays).

We met all kinds of Peninsula Cycle Club members along the way. I saw Jeff Tomic coming back from the Donut Ride (I see him every Saturday in about the same spot along the way), someone called out my name as he sped down the switchbacks, Dave Cleveland passed us going the other direction near Bluff Cove, and Kent Karnes was at Bluff Cove. These were just the folks I recognized. Our riders are all over the hill every weekend!

Nearing Lunada Bay I punctured. Jack was helpful, and I was able to get the tube replaced in record time (at least for me). I was not firm enough in inflating the tube, so my CO2 cartridge only partially inflated the tire (guess about 70psi). Enough to get me home, but not at all helpful in my quest for Strava glory. Having replaced the tube we headed on. I was still pushing hard. I headed on up the hill into Bluff Cove. Looking over my shoulder, I realized that I couldn’t see Jack. He’s always a better hill-climber than I, but I thought that maybe the cold weather had taken a greater toll on his legs than I’d thought (he doesn’t like the cold much and had regretted not wearing his leggings today). I waited, but no Jack. I felt pretty bad that I’d just headed up the hill with no thought of his status. Going back down the hill I found him 400 yards back with his bike on the ground, with a mechanical problem of some sort. A spring in his rear derailleur had failed. We couldn’t even limp home. He was stuck. I called The Bike Palace for tech support, although it was determined pretty quickly that there was no hope in riding back. Jose at The Bike Palace came to Jack’s rescue by picking him up. I had offered to ride back to the shop, then come back for Jack, but that would have entailed his waiting an hour for pickup. As we waited at Bluff Cove I watched a family of cyclists crossing PV Dr.

As soon as Jack got picked up, I headed back to the shop. I knew that the low pressure in my rear tire was an impediment, but I pushed on. Just past Lunada Bay I passed the family of riders. I said afternoon to the wife and small daughter as I passed them. When I got to the Dad, who had another smaller daughter riding behind him in one of those “attach a bicycle to the back of your bike” contraptions. I said “afternoon,” and much to my surprise the Dad said, “Hi Bob.” I said “Dave?” He said “Yeah.” It was PenCC Race Director and sprinter par excellence, David Perez out for a ride with the family!

On the way home I pushed fairly hard. I ended up with 25 “PR’s” for the ride, including all the big hills (switchbacks and the domes).

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