100 Days: Final Drive Towards the Steve Hartt Ride

//100 Days: Final Drive Towards the Steve Hartt Ride

100 Days: Final Drive Towards the Steve Hartt Ride

The Peninsula Cycle Club’s yearly 113 mile ride from San Pedro to San Diego, the Steve Hartt Ride, is 100 days away. I’ve frittered away three month’s worth of training, by eating poorly and riding less than I should. So now I’m playing catch-up. Can I still make it? It’s not so much a question of whether I can finish the ride, I think that’s doable. I had planned to do better this year than the ride two years ago, but that opportunity is quickly receding into the sunset. My goals were not all that ambitious, I wanted to better my previous effort by two hours (9 hrs. vs. 11 hrs.) and I wanted to be able to climb up Crownview. Crownview? I had trouble doing the switchbacks a couple weeks back; I’m not sure I could do Via Del Monte right now. So a hundred days isn’t much time viewed through this perspective.

I like goals. I have to mull this one over, however. I’d like achievable, but ambitious goals. Bettering my ride time by two hours seems unrealistic at this point, perhaps one hour? I don’t know how much improvement I can expect in a hundred days, it isn’t much time. Right now I’m riding about 50 miles a week, I need to increase that immediately to about 70 miles. That shouldn’t be all that tough, it’s just a matter of determination. If I were to immediately go to 100 miles, that might be a different question.

I asked Tony (my boss and owner of The Bike Palace for who don’t know) yesterday whether he wanted me to ride or work as part of the support crew for this year’s Steve Hartt Ride. He left it up to me, I felt so much better physically last year when I was riding more seriously than I am now. I’m better than I was at my worst, but I miss how I felt when I was riding a lot and eating well. For the record: I weighed in today at 190 pounds. See you tomorrow. Ride safe.

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