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Finally, I’m making progress! I’m down 2.8 pounds. This marks the third day in a row that I’ve lost weight. I really haven’t been working very hard at it, which means that I could still be eating healthier. Breakfast was my normal Kashi Go Lean, this time with Chilean blueberries. They still aren’t very ripe (too early in the season, I guess). Lunch was leftover Mishawai salad and a small piece of salmon. Very tasty. Dinner was at Jackson’s Place on 7th St in San Pedro. We had a Peninsula Cycle Club budget committee meeting. I had two beers (pretty good craft brew, but not as good as Strand Brew), and a couple of slider cold cut sandwiches. I’ve been pretty good about eliminating desserts. I don’t think that’s an ideal solution. I think everyone deserves a little treat, but it should at least be “healthyish.” How are YOU doing?


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