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Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for joining me here. The holidays are upon us. This is not always a good time of year for good nutrition. So much temptation! I weighed in this morning for the first time in five or six months. I’d been putting it off, but now I’ve made a commitment and now I have to standby it. I weigh 313.8 pounds. It’s taken me a long time to get this fat. It’ll take a long time to get rid of it. I’m going to approach it cautiously. I fear that and overly ambitious approach to nutrition may tire on me quickly, leading to ultimate failure. Moderation combined with a healthier approach to eating should do the job. My first goal is a short-term goal. I’d like to lose 5 pounds by January 2, which is my birthday. Historically I’ve done badly over the holiday season, typically gaining 5-10 pounds. Carbs are typically my undoing. That’s where I’m going to focus for now. Please keep in touch and let me know your plans.


That was a little rushed. It’s still quite early in the day, but I’ve been good so far. I went to King’s Hawaiian bakery with my son and managed not to order any pastry! We’ll see how dinner goes? Let’s hope I can keep it moderate.


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