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Local Rides

Rides require, at a minimum, an appropriate bike in good working order, water, and a helmet. We suggest a spare tire tube and energy snack, as well. Many rides are held subject to weather. It’s a good idea to confirm dates, times, and any specific requirements. Call The Bike Palace (310-832-1966) if you have additional questions.

If you have information about a cycling event in our area, or feedback regarding the listed rides, please use the comment form at the bottom of the page, so we can either improve our rides, or add your recommendations to our calendar!

Local Road and Dirt Rides

Day Start Description Location
Tuesday 8:00AM The Tuesday Ride: around, up and over the Palos Verdes hill. For riders in good shape only. Ride starts in two locations, ultimately meeting up at Malaga Cove Plaza for the start of the ride. One group meets @ 8:00AM at the 7-Eleven on the corner of W 25th St and S Moray Ave in San Pedro, heading to Malaga Cove clockwise around the coast. The second group meets @ 8:15AM at the Northwest corner of Palos Verdes Dr North & PV Dr East, heading to Malaga Cove counterclockwise. Both groups meet up at Malaga Cove Plaza at 9:00AM, then continue on up the hill past Hawthorne Blvd, then down Hawthorne to PV Dr, and then home.
Tuesday 6:40AM NPR (New Pier Ride): Very fast ride. Recommended for very experienced riders who are race-fast (see also Donut Ride). This ride has its own Facebook page. Leaves every Tuesday and Thursday from the Manhattan Beach Pier.
Tuesday 6:00PM Criterium race practice. Seasonal only – April through August. One hour. Telo Ave, Fujita, Kashiwa just north of Lomita Blvd near Torrance Memorial Medical Center
Wednesday Noon Lunch Rush: Speedwork at the Cabrillo Marina. A flat, fast, workout for 50 minutes. While many of the riders are intermediate level or stronger, all riders are encouraged to attend. A 1.2 mile circuit where we complete 16 laps. Via Cabrillo Marina and 22nd St at Noon or ride from The Bike Palace at 11:55
Wednesday 6:30PM Bring lights! Mountain bike adventures off-road through the back country of Palos Verdes hills Del Cerro Park. West of Crest Rd at end of Crenshaw Blvd during Daylight Saving Time, Malaga Cove Plaza during Pacific Standard Time
Thursday 6:40AM NPR (New Pier Ride): Very fast ride. Recommended for very experienced riders who are race-fast (see also Saturday Donut Ride). This ride has its own Facebook page. Leaves every Tuesday and Thursday from the Manhattan Beach Pier.
Thursday 6:30PM Francisco’s Ride: Mountain bike riding up to Del Cerro Park. 20 miles, with 2000′ of climbing. Bring lights. Questions? Email The Bike Palace – 1600 S. Pacific Ave, San Pedro
Friday Noon Friday Rush: Speedwork on Miner, near the Lane Victory. A flat, fast, workout for 50 minutes. All riders are welcome, but if you want to keep up with the pack, you’ll need to be intermediate level or stronger (about 27MPH?). A 1.2 mile circuit where we complete 16 laps. Miner and 22nd St at Noon or ride from The Bike Palace at 11:55
Saturday 7:45AM Tony Jabuka leading. Great tour of the hills and roads of Palos Verdes. Starts at the shop, rolling out at 8:00AM sharp. Then it’s up 13th St, eventually to PV Drive East via Via Colinita. Drops down past the reservoir, turning left on PV Dr. North. Heads to Malaga Cove for a brief rest, then continues on PV Dr. to the switchbacks, down to Via Colinita, then back to the shop. 32 miles, 2900 ft of climb.  About 14MPH, including the hills.

NOTE: 11/7/15 ride is cancelled.

The Bike Palace – 1600 S. Pacific Ave, San Pedro
Saturday 8:00AM The Donut Ride: 30 miles around Palos Verdes Peninsula. Advanced road ride – mostly racers. Renown for its brutally fast pace, this ride/race dates back to 1973. Hammerfest. Starbucks at Avenue I & PCH in Redondo Beach
Saturday 8:15AM Women’s ride around Palos Verdes, for intermediate to strong riders. Malaga Cove Plaza
Saturday 10:00AM Arrive early (9:40 or so), then we can help you get ready to ride. The pace will be easy, with a “no drop” policy. One hour ride. The ride is picturesque, including visits to the Cabrillo Beach pier, the Lane Victory, the Iowa, the fountains, cruise lines, and the Vincent Thomas bridge. Call us if you have questions! 310-832-1966.

NOTE: Ride on hiatus until further notice.

The Bike Palace – 1600 S. Pacific Ave, San Pedro
Sunday 8:00AM The Wheatgrass Ride. Fairly fast, but not quite as fast as the Donut Ride (you’ll still need to be pretty damn fast to hang with these guys). About 90 minutes long. Wheatgrass for everyone at the end of the ride. Ride starts up through the brick arch to Via Campesina, then up to PV Dr North. Continues on to the reservoir, then up PV Dr East to Crest Rd and up to the radar domes at the top of the hill. After a brief pause, down the switchbacks to PV Dr South. Turns right and continues to Hawthorne, then up the hill to Jamba Juice, where everyone gets a shot of wheatgrass. Half social, half hard charging. Malaga Cove Plaza

Here’s another list of South Bay rides (caution: adult language):

Rides & Centuries

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  1. jennie says:

    The Women’s ride around PV usually leaves at 8:15AM not 8:30AM.

  2. StevenAkaProek says:

    Hey I’d like to participate in some of these rides. Is all the info up to date?

  3. StevenAkaProek says:

    Thank you Bob. Do I need to have my membership purchased before a ride? thanks once again

  4. Jean Michno says:

    Avid mountain biker, but had an injury and broke 3 ribs. Put me out for a year and a half. Ready to come back and ride. Looking to join a ride that is fun and to get me back on track. Recommended group dirt rides??

  5. John says:

    I called the bike palace to confirm Saturdays intermediate ride, but I was told that it is inactive at the moment. They said the boss might bring it back during the summer? Is the Tuesday 9:00 ride active?

    • Yes, the Tuesday 9:00 ride is very active. The best source of current info on the local rides is the Local Rides link on our website. We would very much like to get the intermediate rides up and running again, and the beginner’s ride has morphed into a more ambitious ride (we did 16 mi last Sat., lots of hills). We’re very open to more rides (days and courses). Do you have one to suggest? -Bob

  6. Jackson Eaton says:

    Hi, my name’s Jackson and I am 15, I just got my first real mountain bike, a Talus 29er sport and wanted to know how rigorous the wed. night rides is, and is it still active? I have no problem riding the trails in and around Del Cerro but I figured I should ask how rigorous the ride is and where it goes. Thanks.

    • Hi Jackson:

      The ride starts at Del Cerro, but the course changes every time, varying with the whim of the group. It can be an expert ride, but this will also depend on who shows up for the ride. You’ll need a good set of lights, even this time of year (just in case). You should give it a try! Let me know how it goes. -Bob

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