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Over 40 Years Experience in the Bike Industry

Our service is personalized and guaranteed by our Service department. Out on a ride? Many repairs can be done while you wait. Prices below do not include parts unless otherwise stated. We’ll assemble most bikes for $65 (more or less, depending on the bike). Some fairly uncommon bikes might be more. Remember that your bike needs regular servicing, just like your car. Your chain should be replaced every 2000-2500 miles.

Service Item


Flat Repair (new tube included) $10.50
True Wheel $15.00 – $20.00
Build Wheel $35.00
Derailleur Adjustment $10.00
Chain Replacement $15.00
Brake Adjustment $10.00
Pad Adjustment $10.00
Cable Replacement $15.00
Hub Adjustment $10.00
Hub Overhaul (non-coaster brake) $15.00
Hub Overhaul (coaster brake) $20.00
Bottom Bracket Adjustment $15.00
Headset Adjustment $15.00
Command Post Overhaul (plus parts) $40.00
Fork Installation $40.00
Drivetrain (DT) Cleanup $50.00
Tune-up $65.00
Bike Assembly (Most Bikes) $65.00
Tune-up/DT Cleanup $90.00
Major Tune-up/Complete Overhaul $200.00


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