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The Bike Palace has a very large selection of bikes, accessories, and apparel. We do not, however, carry all the bikes seen on this website in all the colors and sizes available (no one can). If we don’t have it in stock, we can get it, usually in just a few days, assuming that it’s a current model.

Every effort is made to accurately present the prices of these models, but we’re human, and occasionally make mistakes. If you’ve got any questions about pricing or availability, please give us a call before you drop by. We’ll be glad to be of service!


  1. Daniel says:

    Do u offer layaway plans

  2. Michelle says:

    Do you have bike rentals? I’m doing the Long Beach Bike Tour on the 7th and don’t have a bike. If you do, what are your rates? Thanks!

  3. Miguel Angel says:

    Hola,¿tienen ya en stock la bicicleta specialized tarmac expert 2015?

  4. Amanda Bolinger says:

    Do you guys carry the cannondale caad10 105 in a 48cm and if so, what price are you selling it for?

    • Hi Amanda: Am I correct in assuming that you want a woman’s bike? We don’t have that size in stock just now. The gray and white versions are both available from Cannondale, so we could get you one in 7-10 days (Ohio). They’re $1680.

  5. Marc says:

    Do you guys offer financing when buying a bike at your store? Currently looking for a road bike. Thanks!

  6. Christian Avila says:

    Do you match other shop prices? I purchased a Electra Cruiser 7D 18M Men’s Bike for $329.99 this last Friday and am waiting for the bike to come in for pick up. I was online looking up my bike, and came across the bike on the website for, which is a shop in Escondido that delivers to your home in 1-3 days. They are offering the same bike for $299.

    Will you match this price, which is $30 less than what you sell this bike for?

    • Hi Christian: I looked at the link you included in your post. The cruiser had a note “In-store sales only.” I called BikeBling and they confirmed that they will not ship that bike. When you buy the bike from us, it comes ready-built by our professional mechanics (no assembly required). It’s a fair price for a great bike. Having bought a new bike from us we also give you a free 90-day tune-up and a 15% discount on accessories and apparel during those 90 days. I saw that you picked up the bike today. I hope you enjoy it. Normally I would have responded more quickly to your inquiry, but these website postings don’t get automatically forwarded to me, so they’re checked less frequently. -Bob

  7. Glen says:

    Hello, do you have any hybrid/fitness bikes on sale? I was interested in the specialized Sirrius or Crosstrail line. Thank you!

  8. Steve Bennett says:

    Do you guys offer a military discount?

  9. Tony C. says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a Specialized Diverge Elite DSW. It’s been rare as I’m looking around that someone has one in stock, but are you able to still order this bike? I’m looking at this past years model, not the 2017s that are just coming out. Been looking between the Felt V85 and this bike, but haven’t been able to find any Diverge in my size in town. 52cm.

  10. Art C. says:

    I have a Giant Trance X2, what does the Complete overhaul consist of? How long does the service typically take?


    • A complete overhaul includes taking apart the hubs and bottom bracket, lubing and reassembly. The brakes and derailleurs are cleaned and adjusted. It does not include rebuilding pivot points or shocks. If the bike has hydraulic disk brakes then add $40 to the cost to bleed and adjust the brakes. The wheels will be inspected and trued. Any additional hardware required will be extra. The bike will also be wiped down. Turnaround time varies upon the service backlog, but it will generally take 1-3 days.

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