I’ve spent more time riding the exercycle this past week. My riding duration is still not what I’d hoped for, maxing out at 17 minutes. I’m seeing spikes in my systolic blood pressure that I hadn’t seen before. They don’t seem to be related to my workout days, but I’m adding my workouts to the chart to see if I can spot any correlation between the variance in the BP and workout (or non-workout) days. Perhaps the spikes are diet induced? Salt intake? I don’t add salt to my meals, but I’m certainly getting too much salt. I buy almonds from Trader Joe’s with 50% less salt, but it still has salt. I prefer salted butter on my toast. I have a friend who is responsible for the groups that create and test menu items for a major national fast-food chain. I told him one recently that I liked their food, but that it was way too salty for me. He said that they’d had a great deal of difficulty removing the salt, while retaining the flavor! Seems to me that it would taste fine with half the salt. I’ve also heard that reducing salt intake is proving more difficult for Americans than many other nutritional improvements. I still have a long way to go, but I’m feeling better overall.