Casey Maguire is uncommonly qualified to be a bike fitter. First, he’s a certified Physical Therapist, with detailed knowledge of the human body and how to effectively resolve physical issues. Combine that with his experience as a fitter and a time-trialing bike racer, and you’ve got a bike fitter that understands exactly how human bodies can be fitted most comfortably and effectively on a bike!

A good bike fitting is essential to getting the most out of your bike. Why? Because the human/bike interface points require adjustments to reach maximum efficiency. All of us are unique specimens, not necessarily average. These distinctions make for inefficient and potentially uncomfortable riding. By tweaking the bike to fit your unique needs you’ll gain that at one with the bike blissfulness. Really.

Becoming fast and powerful involves becoming comfortable and efficient.

Too often, bike fitting involves trying to size you to your bike based on a template of angles that you should fit into. Bike fitting should not be a one-size-fits-all model. As a physical therapist, Casey will evaluate your functional mobility, review your medical history that would affect your fit, and discuss your goals for the fit and your sport.

The bike fit will include evaluation on the treatment table as well as on the bike. Biomechanically we are not all identical—your fit should not be generic.

Your individualized bike fit includes:

  • Cleat adjustment
  • Saddle position (fore/aft, height, tilt…)
  • Handlebar adjustment (reach, drop, width, rotation…)
  • Exercise education geared towards your limitations to help keep you healthy and comfortable on and off the bike

The price of a fitting is $200. Call 310-218-2600 to schedule a fitting with Casey.