Flat Repair on the Road

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Select for the .pdf version of this article. Check out the video version of this article: Getting Your Wheel Off Release the brakes on the wheel with the flat tire. Skewer operation On the front wheel, after releasing the skewer, you’ll need to unscrew the head of the skewer so it will clear the [...]

Hands Getting Numb on Rides?

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Hand numbness during an extended bike ride is not an uncommon complaint from riders. Occasional numbness during a ride is not a cause for undue concern, but extended numbness after the ride is something to be looked into. Numbness in the hands while riding is typically caused by excessive pressure on the blood vessels and nerves [...]

A Cycling Fitness Plan

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This is my cycling fitness plan. Before we get too far in, the standard disclaimer has lots of merit—check with your doctor before you begin any exercise plan (seriously). Now that you've got that done, we can get started: Establish Goals You probably have some idea where you'd like your weight and physical condition to be [...]

Donut or no Donut

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Saturday morning came to0 bright and early for me, so I sleep in a little instead of riding out to the beginning of the Donut Ride. Once I finally rolled out of bed I couldn't decided whether to ride of get a perm. But finally I got dressed and headed down the hill. I figured I [...]

Mush Tony Lunch Rush

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Oh Ya I lost again! Lunch Rush, was tough again! It seems every week it is getting faster an faster. What was amazing we had almost twenty riders yesterday. Of course Dave Perez and Mighty Mouse, Francisco Figueroa led all comers again. John Caron, Jeff McDonald and Spencer were not far behind and still [...]

King of the Mountain Training

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Well I bit the bullet and signed up for all three of the King of the Mountains, so I am forcing myself to get in the best shape of my life at 54 years old. I truly have been building up my cycling workouts over the last 2 months or so. I am starting feel a [...]

Finally—One Hour!

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This morning I had hopes that I could finally ride for one hour on the stationary bike. I started off at about 70 RPM, trying a warm-up before I got serious. After 10 minutes I upped it to 80 RPM and held it there. Portions of my hands were numb, my calves were feeling the buildup [...]

I Couldn't Make It

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I wanted so badly to ride for 60 minutes on the exercycle today, but it was rough just getting to the 50 minute point (my previous best was 40 minutes). I wanted to impress you, but damn, that thing was kicking my ass! I kept asking myself if I could gut it out for another 10 [...]

On the Road Again

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I'm slowly getting back onto the road. This morning I lead the inaugural ride of our new weekly Beginner's Ride. We meet Saturday morning at 9:00 at The Bike Palace. At 8:15 I had looked at the sky, a bit of sprinkle on the ground, and thought for sure that I'd cancel the ride on account [...]