Flat Repair on the Road

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Select for the .pdf version of this article. Check out the video version of this article: Getting Your Wheel Off Release the brakes on the wheel with the flat tire. Skewer operation On the front wheel, after releasing the skewer, you’ll need to unscrew the head of the skewer so it will clear the [...]

Hands Getting Numb on Rides?

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Hand numbness during an extended bike ride is not an uncommon complaint from riders. Occasional numbness during a ride is not a cause for undue concern, but extended numbness after the ride is something to be looked into. Numbness in the hands while riding is typically caused by excessive pressure on the blood vessels and nerves [...]

A Cycling Fitness Plan

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This is my cycling fitness plan. Before we get too far in, the standard disclaimer has lots of merit—check with your doctor before you begin any exercise plan (seriously). Now that you've got that done, we can get started: Establish Goals You probably have some idea where you'd like your weight and physical condition to be [...]

So Far So Good

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It's only four days into my renewed efforts to get fit. I managed to get past Thanksgiving and still lose weight. Certainly I'm doing better than last year! I've been keeping my meals reasonable. By no means have they been perfect. However, I've been eating less and eating better. I still have dessert, but a smaller portion. [...]


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How was your Thanksgiving? I hope all is well with you and yours. If you were careful what you ate yesterday, congratulations! If you weren't, it's OK. Thanksgiving is a very tough time to be careful with your diet. I use the word "diet" here to speak of diet in the broadest sense, as in "what [...]

Slowly but Surely

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Progress continues slowly. Now down 3.2 pounds. Slow and steady wins the race (hopefully). A thought about eating out. Yesterday was one of my days off. I had lunch with my wife, Becky, at CPK near her work. I had Caesar salad with salmon. I also had a large (20 oz?) glass of draft beer (Atticus [...]

Onward and Upward…

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OK, my weight this morning is back up, but I'm still 1.8 pounds down from my start, plus I'm losing weight at my planned rate. What was my undoing yesterday? Not sure, but I did have a beer late in the day. Beer is nice, but is just empty calories. Many believe that wine, however, has [...]