What's Working & What's Not

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Working The workouts are going well enough. I can handle the gradual ramping up of the workouts. It's mostly mental—pushing yourself harder than you want to be pushed, not overdoing it, just pushing hard (that workout photo of me has scared a few folks). Overall, I feel much better. Easier to move, much easier bending down [...]


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Look at the picture I've used to illustrate this post. What do you see? That's Peninsula Cycle Club member Brad House at the 2009 Torrance Criterium. I see a man who really wants to win. Look at his face—his determination is clear. That's one thing I admire about Brad—his will to win. He doesn't always win, [...]

Today's Workout

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This is my fourth day in a row of 34 minute workouts on the stationary bike. Soaked at the finish. Ramped up to about 100 RPM, but had to cut back to 85 RPM halfway through. Ran the last 3.5 minutes at 90 RPM. My thoughts: Do whatever you have to do to keep on the [...]

Status: 69 Days In

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Things are looking up. I've had three solid 34 minute workouts in a row. Determination or not, I couldn't have done that two months ago. I'm down 8.4 pounds, which isn't too bad (although almost three pounds of that was lost yesterday (no, I can't explain it)). My resting pulse is trending down, but the rest [...]

Reaching Your Fitness "Critical Mass"

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Things are beginning to look up. I've been working out for the last four out of five days, and cycling for longer durations. I'm eating better, too. I feel like I'm approaching my critical mass, wherein I've broken through the resistance to change that I (and my body) feel. I've posted my workout details. The chart [...]

Better This Week

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I've spent more time riding the exercycle this past week. My riding duration is still not what I'd hoped for, maxing out at 17 minutes. I'm seeing spikes in my systolic blood pressure that I hadn't seen before. They don't seem to be related to my workout days, but I'm adding my workouts to the chart [...]

My Progress So Far…

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My progress over the last 10 days has not been good. I'm still eating like I was 17, and I'm riding only intermittently. I ate way too much for dinner last night and found myself thinking that I was killing myself in slow-motion (I'm not usually so prone to emotional hyperbole, but there's at least some [...]

A Joyous BBQ & Sale

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A great time was had by all last Saturday at The Bike Palace summer sale kickoff BBQ! Chef Bob cooked up about 120 cheeseburgers, hot dogs and New Orleans-style hot links (which were really popular). We had the Webber BBQ set up out on the sidewalk and we just kept feeding customers non-stop. Everybody was in [...]