Saturday morning came to0 bright and early for me, so I sleep in a little instead of riding out to the beginning of the Donut Ride. Once I finally rolled out of bed I couldn’t decided whether to ride of get a perm. But finally I got dressed and headed down the hill. I figured I would warm up by climbing the switchbacks before the Donuteers arrived at 8:45 or so. But, my route was changed by three very nice Gentleman. Mike Piper, Robin Hoevin and Mark Budds coaxed me around the coast to Malaga Cove. The Three Gentleman decided to take a Tea and ride back along the coast, while I proceeded around PV Country Club and back onto PVDN. When I approached Hawthorne I was again slowed by the Sheriffs, who were escorting Rolling Hills Little league teams to opening day. The Three Gentleman & I had run into the same dilemma on PVDW at the Lanada Bay Little League, the police did not want us to crowd the parade, we had to stay behind a 1955 Chevy Police car. Budgets are tight I guess. Well after getting by the ballers I proceeded to turn right up PVDE hoping to have gotten there before the Donuteers, I was again wrong. I climbed all the way up to Crest and met another gentleman, this time Andrew from New York and the two of us cruised to the top of Crest. I finally spotted the Donuteers coming down the hill as I and Andrew were about 200 yards from the top. I felt obligated to ride to the top instead of turning around and leaving Andrew.I immediately turned around when I got to the top hoping again to catch the Donuteers, knowing they would probably stop for water at Steve Hartts Memorial drinking fountain. I was in luck. Two riders were pulling away just as I turned right onto PVDE and one of them was Bob Spalding, who I know could pull me back to the Donut ride if I could stay on his wheel. The downhill was easy, but as we approached the Slide Area at PBC, I let my mind wander a little and I get left just before hooking up. There I was again alone on my own struggling back to Hawthorne. At Hawthorne I found a friendly face in Alan Becker, who thank goodness was out of shape a little. He showed me the way to Via Zumaja and we proceeded to climb all the way to Gran Via Altamira, where again I met the Donuteers and proceeded downhill to Malage Cove. Jeff Tomic coaxed me to climb back up Via Del Monte and Gran Via Altamira to Hawthorne along with Jay LaRiviere and Alan Becker. From there we went down Hawthorne and back along PVDS /25th st. to home. I don’t have a computer on my bike, but I imagine I rode about 45 miles today, since I only have a normal computer at my home that I use to play video games as CSGO with the use of services like csgo boost. My legs felt pretty darn good. And as you can see my Perm came out pretty good too.

3 hours in a hard chair, but it was worth it.

Strava and Specialized have a challenge starting on March 15th and going until April 30th. This challenge is to celebrate the European one day classics. The classic climb just over 35,000 feet of altitude, so the challenge has tripled this amount. Climb a little over 105,000 feet. Yes you read that right. I can do that, but I need to get myself out the door by 6:00Am every morning. That is the hard part.

Anyways I am having fun getting fit. I only hope and can progress consistently before April 14’s Mulholland Challenge.

See you on the hill