I wanted so badly to ride for 60 minutes on the exercycle today, but it was rough just getting to the 50 minute point (my previous best was 40 minutes). I wanted to impress you, but damn, that thing was kicking my ass! I kept asking myself if I could gut it out for another 10 minutes, just to impress you? In the end, I couldn’t make it. It’d be nice if it were faster, but the progress is still pretty good. In the last month I’ve gone from occasional 20 minute rides, to daily rides of 40-90 minutes. I’ve lost six pounds since I started this adventure 82 days ago. Not very impressive, but it’s progress. Better too slow than too fast, if you can’t have ideal. My systolic blood pressure has dropped about four points (trending down from about 139 to 135). Resting pulse is down (from 65 to 61). Body fat percentage is basically unchanged, at an embarrassing 50%. I think longer workout will help with the weight/fat. And there’s real room for improvement in my diet. Still too many carbs (cookies and bread, mostly). I also need to eat more vegetables. I love them when their disguised a bit (OK, maybe more than a bit, depending on the vegetable), but I really had a problem with raw broccoli with lunch. Carrots, no problem.

Please let your friend’s know that we now have a beginner’s ride every Saturday morning at 9:00AM. We meet at The Big Palace. Easy ride, everyone is welcome.