Great news for you—you just got a bike! Maybe you need a little help deciding what to do next? We’re here to help:

  1. If your bike needs assembly (it’s OK if you bought it somewhere else), our team of VERY experienced professionals (averaging 16 years each of professional experience) can assemble the bike for you for $50 (some very uncommon bikes might cost more).
  2. Even if your bike doesn’t need assembly, bring it by. We can make sure that the seat is properly positioned for you, and we’ll take a quick look at it to make sure that it’s safe to operate.
  3. You’ll want some accessories to help keep you safe and comfortable on your rides:
    1. Helmet: this is a must. Required in California for riders under 18, and VERY STRONGLY recommended by The Bike Palace for riders 18 and older. This is the one item you have to have.
    2. Water bottle and cage: it’s important to keep hydrated while you’re riding, and a water bottle will help. Some riders carry two bottles and cages.
    3. Lights: if riding in the dark, state law requires that you have a front and rear light on your bike (it’s just sensible). The new LED lights are pretty bright and last a long time. We really like the versions that are rechargeable via a USB cable, which is easily attached to your phone charger or computer.
    4. Gloves: riding gloves will help protect your hands from abrasion, chill and pressure numbness. No one likes falling off their bike, but it happens to the best of us. Most of us will use our hands to cushion the fall. Gloves will help cushion your hands! They can also reduce the numbness that some cyclists get from riding (they reduce pressure on the ulnar nerve).
    5. Bike lock: it would be nice if we didn’t need them, but we do. Keep your bike safely locked up. We’ll be glad to show you how to do it (there really is a method).
    6. Strava: An incredible FREE tool. This smartphone app tracks your riding and gives you a mountain of data after the ride. It’ll display your ride on a map, tell you how you’re doing compared to your previous rides and to the rides of others. You’ll learn how far you rode, how long it took you, your average speed, how much you climbed and more! Great motivation as you achieve new “personal records” as you progress.
    7. Check out our Gift Guide for some suggested items.
  4. You don’t have to have all of these, certainly not at the beginning. The safety items (helmet, lights) are really required, if not by the law, then at least by sensibility. If you join the Peninsula Cycle Club, then you’ll get a 20% discount on bike accessories, parts, and service at The Bike Palace.
  5. Start riding. You’ll have more fun if you ride with friends or family. We’ve got a number of weekly local rides matching all rider capabilities. Click this link for a list of local rides.
  6. Join the Peninsula Cycle Club. You’ll love hanging out with cycling enthusiasts. Here are some reasons why you should join.
  7. Bring your bike in occasionally for service at The Bike Palace. Our quality is exceptional and the prices quite reasonable.

This should get you well along on your way to cycling nirvana. Now get on your bike and ride!