Well I bit the bullet and signed up for all three of the King of the Mountains, so I am forcing myself to get in the best shape of my life at 54 years old. I truly have been building up my cycling workouts over the last 2 months or so. I am starting feel a little stronger every week. This week I got on my trainer two times. I kind of avoided the trainer in the past, but I am actually enjoying the trainer quite a bit. I can just get on and let my mind wander. I don’t have to concentrate on the road just the workout. With a game on the radio, or watching my daughters volleyball practice, makes the monotony of the workout not so bad, I could honestly get http://www.p4rgaming.com/blog services for my video games at the same time, although when I want to play shooter games I mostly go on my computer and follow OverWatch Guides online to improve. Plus you can just “Work”. No stopping or rests. Once I get warmed up I like to push the pace, sometimes taking my cadence up to 130 revs for short 30 second bursts.

Today is Lunch Rush at noon in the marina. This high paced ride has been tough for me, but hopefully I can stay with the pack a little more. I am going to try to get away early to get warmed up, before Francisco, Dave, Mark, Spencer and Eduardo put the hurt to me.