Look at the picture I’ve used to illustrate this post. What do you see? That’s Peninsula Cycle Club member Brad House at the 2009 Torrance Criterium. I see a man who really wants to win. Look at his face—his determination is clear. That’s one thing I admire about Brad—his will to win. He doesn’t always win, of course, but he’s fighting for it every time. This is probably the main reason he’s a racer and not a cycling enthusiast. This is the kind of determination you and I need to have in our efforts to get fit. I used to be a bit like Brad, so hopefully I’ll just need to reconnect with my former self.

If fitness was easy to achieve, we wouldn’t be in the shape we’re in, so this isn’t likely to be easily fixed. I’m not sure that it’s a real addiction, but sometimes it feels like it. Perhaps this is a conflict between the left and right sides of our brains. We all know the reasons why we should get fit, and we know how to accomplish our goals, but it isn’t nearly as simple as that, is it? You must win this battle—a battle for the quality (and quantity) of your life. Do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it’s necessary for you to continue this fight:

  1. Workout with friends. Some of us need the companionship, others like the competition. If it works for you, then do it.
  2. Workout on a road bike, cruiser, anything you’ve got. You can get a better bike if you like, but don’t let the bike get in your way of achieving your goals.
  3. Use music, TV, anything during your workouts to generate the energy and enthusiasm you’ll need to keep pushing yourself hard enough to achieve your goals.
  4. Stationary bikes are fine (particularly helpful during the winter), and remember that you can easily convert your road bike temporarily into a stationary bike by adding a moderately priced ($150+) trainer to provide resistance to your pedaling.