I’m slowly getting back onto the road. This morning I lead the inaugural ride of our new weekly Beginner’s Ride. We meet Saturday morning at 9:00 at The Bike Palace. At 8:15 I had looked at the sky, a bit of sprinkle on the ground, and thought for sure that I’d cancel the ride on account of rain. Instead, an hour later I found myself heading off from TBP to the 22nd St. course, which is also used for the Wednesday Lunch Rush rides (although that ride runs at about three times my pace).

I’d forgotten that the shop was open early on Saturday, so instead of riding my Cannondale hybrid, I borrowed the shop’s Specialized Roubaix test bike that I usually take out on rides. It’s a real beauty, and is currently available at a closeout price at The Bike Palace (like the one pictured above, except in day-glo orange, 56cm, MSRP: $3300, now $2400).

I did the ride by myself. I need the workout and I was there in case anyone showed up late. At one point I found my foot being gripped by something that was getting quickly tighter with every pedal. I stopped the bike quickly, to find that my shoelace was wrapped around my pedal axle, and like a fisherman reeling in his catch, the axle was reeling in my foot!

The rain never came. It was a fine day for riding. Perhaps you can join me next time. Everyone’s welcome. We’re particularly patient with beginner’s and folks that are quite slow. And no one will be left behind.