Workout-Data-Screen-Shot-DetailThings are beginning to look up. I’ve been working out for the last four out of five days, and cycling for longer durations. I’m eating better, too. I feel like I’m approaching my critical mass, wherein I’ve broken through the resistance to change that I (and my body) feel. I’ve posted my workout details. The chart above shows that I’ve got a long way to go in my path to fitness (click on the chart to see the full size version), but the recent trend is encouraging. I feel more determined. I’m not going to give up.

Regarding the chart—yes, many of the trend lines are moving in the wrong direction (getting slightly “worse”), but the most recent trends are improving, so I’m hopeful!

I’ve been working out on the stationary bike. I’d like to get a bit more fit before I tackle the road/bike path. When the exercycle was in the garage, I found it pretty dull going looking at the walls in the garage as I pedaled. Now the bike is in our home office, and I look at TV shows and movies while I workout. The TV shows are nice because the average duration of an episode is 22 minutes (with commercials), so it was a good goal for my earlier workouts. For now I’m trying to get up to 30 minutes. My final goal will be one hour. Slow and steady.