Slowly but Surely

Slowly but Surely

Progress continues slowly. Now down 3.2 pounds. Slow and steady wins the race (hopefully).

A thought about eating out. Yesterday was one of my days off. I had lunch with my wife, Becky, at CPK near her work. I had Caesar salad with salmon. I also had a large (20 oz?) glass of draft beer (Atticus from Strand Brewing Company). I was in heaven! Even split a dessert. Here’s the thing about eating out:

  1. The portions are notoriously huge. If you immediately boxed half of your meal to go as soon as it arrived, you’d probably still have plenty left to eat. A confession: I’ve considered this approach many times, but I’ve never practiced it, which is part of the reason I’m in this mess. As it is, I ate my meal and a small portion of Becky’s, too!
  2. It’s not always nutritionally sound. Even restaurant food can be high in bad fat and sodium. Fast food is generally much worse. High in calories and nutritionally bankrupt.
  3. It’s expensive (or can be). Lunch was $60 for the two of us yesterday, tax and tip included. It was a very nice meal, but $60? You could probably feed two people nutritionally sound meals at home for two days for that much money! Ah! I almost forgot, for better or worse, I was still full enough from lunch that I was able to easily skip dinner. I guess that increases the value of that expensive meal somewhat, although I’m not a fan of skipping meals as a dietary strategy.

I’m getting impatient with the pace of all this, although, admittedly I haven’t been “aggressive” about my approach to eating healthful meals although I did complement it with natural supplements as Kratom I get from sites like I should probably split the difference: eat a little better and get on the bike a bit!

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