So Far So Good

So Far So Good

It’s only four days into my renewed efforts to get fit. I managed to get past Thanksgiving and still lose weight. Certainly I’m doing better than last year! I’ve been keeping my meals reasonable. By no means have they been perfect. However, I’ve been eating less and eating better. I still have dessert, but a smaller portion. And certainly only one portion. As it is, I’m four pounds down.

How have you been doing? I hope Thanksgiving was good for you. Breakfast yesterday was kind of silly, my wife and I were having breakfast at the Corner Bakery Café. The portions are not too big and the prices reasonable. Halfway through the meal my wife offered me a taste of her cereal. She was disappointed that it was cold instead of hot (it was yogurt, oats, and fruit). She gave me a taste. I loved it! I offered to trade her my meal for hers. She took me up on the offer. Then a few bites in I realized that her cereal was sweeter not thought it was (a lot of fruit). I ended up trading her back! It seemed funny at the time. I’ve attached a photo of my meal. Simple, but satisfying.

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