Things are looking up. I’ve had three solid 34 minute workouts in a row. Determination or not, I couldn’t have done that two months ago. I’m down 8.4 pounds, which isn’t too bad (although almost three pounds of that was lost yesterday (no, I can’t explain it)). My resting pulse is trending down, but the rest of my vitals (BP and body fat) remain stubbornly unchanged. My workout duration is trending strongly up. Early workouts were sparse 20 minute efforts; now I’m up to a steady 34 minutes. Make no mistake, it’s not easy to complete these workouts—15 minutes in I want to quit, but I’m feeling good right now. I know that I’m in charge of this. When I was racing in the old days I leaned that pain was my friend. You learn to take it, even relish the punishment you can take (racers are a bit weird that way).

[Note: this isn’t about working through sharp, acute pain (which isn’t normal during a workout), instead it’s about continuing to push when you legs feel like wet noodles and your lungs are on fire (normal during an extreme workout or race). If you’re really hurt, then get off the bike and seek medical attention.]