The workouts are going well enough. I can handle the gradual ramping up of the workouts. It’s mostly mental—pushing yourself harder than you want to be pushed, not overdoing it, just pushing hard (that workout photo of me has scared a few folks).

Overall, I feel much better. Easier to move, much easier bending down or getting up. Still not ideal, but noticeably better. Anything involving my legs or my breathing has gotten much better. It’s only been six weeks of seriously working out, if that.

Body fat isn’t going down. My work (ecommerce of various sorts), keeps me sitting down all day. My life’s just too sedentary. The 34 minute workouts aren’t enough, at least not on a stationary bike. Indoor cycling seems great for my heart, and fine for my legs, but beyond that, not enough. Although, if it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I’ll be leading a group of riders (almost certainly just me on the inaugural ride of a ride that hasn’t been publicized that much). I need to start viewing house and yard work as just another workout.

I’m not eating enough vegetables. I’m a little lackluster on them, but I really enjoy them when spiced up a bit. I love fruit, but sometimes the prep puts me off (cutting the strawberries, for example). Blueberries, no problem. They’re great for you. A bit out of season right now for fresh blueberries, but frozen can be OK, and very convenient.