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Certified to Service Command Post Seatposts!

CP_service_11The Bike Palace is proud to announce that we are now certified by Specialized to service their Command Post height adjustable seatposts.

You might think that this process would be simple, but don’t even think about working on these yourself (it voids the warranty). It’s a complex process, easily done incorrectly by the untrained! A complete Command Post service will cost you $40, plus parts (about another $40) and includes completely dismantling the seatpost, replacing all seals and lubricating all parts requiring lubrication. Specialized recommends that you have your Command Post serviced for every 50 hours of riding.

We’ll do the job right, and at a fair price. Our top-notch mountain bike mechanic, Jose Carlos, has just completed the extensive Command Post certification process at Specialized’s headquarters in Morgan Hill, CA.



  1. Shaun Morgen says:

    Just curious if the command post repair was still offered and price was still $40 plus $40 for parts? I have a command post that losses air and i cant go one ride without pumping it up

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