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2016 Steve Hartt San Pedro to San Diego Ride

Note: the 2016 SHR was a great event! See you at the 2017 ride.

The incredible 2016 PenCC Steve Hartt San Pedro to San Diego Ride is coming up on August 20 and tickets are available NOW! Here are the details:DSC00502

  • Riders meet in San Pedro at 5:45AM, leaving at 6:30AM. Destination: San Diego’s Liberty Station.
  • There are three rest stops which are amply supplied with the highest quality nutritionals (Hammer), along with luscious fruit, etc. We’ll even have chilled INVIGORADE for your drinking pleasure!
  • There’s also a lunch stop (lunch provided).
  • Sag wagons to assist you with minor mechanical issues.
  • Around 2:30PM riders begin arriving in San Diego.
  • Bikes are loaded on the truck (in bump-free racks).
  • Shower facilities are available at a nearby spa.
  • Dinner is pizza, salad, fruit and beer/sodas in a local park (high quality, again provided).
  • We get in a luxury bus and ride home! We get back to San Pedro around 10:00PM.

At $135 this event is a bargain. Interested? Print out a copy of the release form and mail/drop it by The Bike Palace before August 10. Get the release form here.

MUST READ: Camp Pendleton has increased their security. Bike riders wishing to transit through the camp (that’s us) must submit to a background check at least two weeks prior to the ride. Here’s the camp’s online application.

Want more info? Take a look at photos from the 2011 event, the 2015 event and the video. Believe us, you’ll love this ride! You don’t have to be a member of Peninsula Cycle Club to go on this ride, however, if you’d like to join, you can do so here: join the club. Questions? Call/email Bob: 310-832-1966 or Here’s a copy of the route map.

If you use the PayPal button below to pay for the ride you’ll be charged $139.34 (allowing the club to clear $135 after PayPal fees).




  1. Charlie Abbott says:

    Count me in guys. I’ll fill out a form at the shop this week.

  2. Mike Miranda says:

    Sierra and I are in again!!! Please tell Charlie Abbott to slow down!

  3. Marcus Dittmann says:


    Count me in as well. Will fill out form at the shop asap.

  4. Patrick Eldridge says:

    I’m in, will complete entry Friday. Thanks

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